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Ethnic Studies is Anti-American Racist Nonsense

Once, I accidentally discovered a black history book in my school’s library. It must have been a “God-thang”, as we say in the vernacular.

As I thumbed through that book, I was overwhelmed at the things blacks accomplished. But as I read, I never felt slighted that my school wasn’t teaching me “black history”. I already felt empowered as an American; yes, a black American. And to see things specific to how blacks helped form America made me even more proud.

I would have loved to learn more specifically about the history of blacks in America. Nevertheless, I understood that my history classes were glimpses of history. Perhaps these stories were told from a particular perspective that favored whites. But such is history.

It was white men who discovered what would become America. And while their tactics were questionable by today’s standards, their actions built the best country in the world.

These days however, Leftists look at history in retrospect. They teach about an oppressive America, created by colonializing indigenous peoples. To this I say, “Who gives a sh*t! America is the best country in the world…period.”

In a few hundred years, America has demonstrated its ability to overcome all our ills. Regardless, Leftists want to focus on America’s supposed ills, while wholly ignoring all the great things this country has given the world; like the mosaic of our people.

As Politico reported:, school districts have been attempting to divide America along racial lines.

Story continues at: CRT RACIST

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