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Fried Chicken is ALWAYS RACIST!

Christian Talk Podcast

From a conversation on the Todd Starnes show

Starnes [01:36:28] You want to talk about this story out of Massachusetts. That’s above the Mason-Dixon line. And it involves an all boys Catholic high school, Zaveri and brothers. I think that’s the approach, whatever. It’s a Catholic high school anyway. The Catholic High School wanted to celebrate, commemorate Black History Month, so they went to the lunch ladies. And by the way, I you know what we need to hear sometime before the end of this program. We need to hear Adam Sandler’s Lunch Ladies song. That’s a great song. Remember that, Grace, that was a great.

Starnes [01:37:33] So anyway, out on the list, I guess so. Grace the the high school they’re wanting to celebrate, celebrate Black History Month. So they went to the cafeteria and one of the black cafeteria workers said, I would like to prepare for the students, my delicious shoes from the south. My delicious fried chicken recipe.

Grace [01:37:52] So she suggested this herself?

Starnes [01:37:54] Yeah. Black cafeteria worker, the black lunch lady said, I know I’ll make fried chicken.

Grace [01:38:00] Who doesn’t love fried chicken? What? Especially if you’re from the South?

Starnes [01:38:02] Yeah. And you got a cast iron skillet. You better. You’re going to bring an appetite. That’s all I’m going to tell you. So anyway, she prepares fried chicken, and the whole point of this was to create a menu that represented the southern that represented southern black cuisine. Sure. So all of us in the south, we eat fried chicken, we eat collard greens, we eat okra, fried fried.

Grace Yeah, I can’t do that. You know that boiled okra looks like something like a Star Wars character,

Starnes [01:38:40] I love collard greens. I love Black-Eyed Peas with a little ham hock in it. I like Black Eyed Peas. So anyway, they serve the fried chicken and the all male Catholic high school student body became offended. Of course I did. And let me say they’re mostly white, so they’re saying, How dare you? This is stereotypical. This is racist. Fried chicken is racist. And we don’t know if the all male Catholic high school was offended by the breasts or the legs or the thighs of the chicken. I don’t know. And I don’t care because these kids are morons one and all. So the school, instead of just reading the kids the Riot Act and getting the nuns in what they should have done is brought in the nuns with the big long rulers and said, All right, all right. I know they’re Irish Catholic or not. But Billy McGillicuddy, stand up here. Do you believe that fried chicken is racist? And there goes, Yes, I do. I think it’s horribly racist. Put your hand on the side of the desk. Just rap the knuckles and that’s what they’re. That’s what they should have done, man. I mean, come on. Are you kidding

Grace [01:39:59] This is so stupid, especially considering she suggested it herself, and it was her recipe.

Story continues at: Fried Chicken is Racist

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