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High School fundraiser includes sex toys

A fundraiser involving a California soccer club has parents seeing red. That’s because the fundraiser involves sex toys and other sexually-themed products.

“Any parent would be rightly outraged to see their children selling these items,” Jonathan Keller, president of California Family Council told

Natomas Fútbol Academy, which has an extensive youth program in Sacramento, launched the fundraiser this week and promoted it on the club’s Facebook page while also sending out an email to parents and adults in the club.

When television station KCRA learned that parents were upset and started asking questions, club leadership said it decided to pull down the fundraiser links in order to appease anyone who might have been upset.

“If there’s a backlash with this, and people are really unhappy about it, then we won’t do it again,” Natomas FA leadership secretary Wendy Hill told KCRA.

Keller said it should have been a no-brainer.

“It’s hard to believe this even needs to be said, but no youth program should use minors to sell sex toys,” said Keller.

The since-removed Facebook post from Natomas Futbol Academy read:

“Less than 3 weeks until Valentine’s Day! Support Natomas Futbol Academy by purchasing your See’s Candies and Pure Romance gifts here! Each fundraiser that we do keeps us working towards our goal of keeping our fees low so ‘everyone plays soccer!’”

According to KCRA, Hill is a Pure Romance consultant and uses money from her sales to donate to the club.

“This is supposed to help bring in some money,” Hill told KCRA. “Some parents are choosing to turn it into something super horrible.”

In a statement to KCRA, Natomas Fútbol Academy parents said they felt like integrating a “youth sports fundraiser with an adult toy vendor was ill-advised.”

Speaking of backlash, one Twitter user said she “can understand Hill’s intent for wanting to raise money to keep the soccer club going BUT…that’s really the best option you could think of?”

Story continues at: HS Sex Toys

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