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MSNBC Reid says GOP is racist!

MSNBC host Joy Reid accused the Republican Party of racism on Monday over a meme the GOP Twitter account shared celebrating Presidents’ Day.

The meme portrayed a collage of Republican presidents with the message, “Happy Presidents’ Day to such great US presidents.” President Biden was pictured as well with the irreverent caption, “Not you.”

Reid expressed outrage on Twitter over the tweet trolling President Biden and celebrating Republican presidents.

The MSNBC host took cues from Democrat strategist Christine Pelosi, who blasted the meme for “whiting out” President Obama and called it an example of “anti-CRT education.”

“Disappearing the first Black president while whitewashing Richard Nixon and disrespecting the man who served as the first Black president’s VP, who is now president. Notable as this party writes education mandates telling your kids’ teachers what they are allowed to teach,” Reid wrote.

She wasn’t the only one at MSNBC outraged by the meme. Frequent MSNBC guest Elie Mystal tweeted, “They put Nixon there POSITIVELY, but not Biden. And, of course, the @GOP would like you to think that Barack Obama never existed at all.”

Reid and Mystal have faced blowback for recent comments about race.

Last week on Reid’s show the “ReidOut,” Elie Mystal attacked America as a country that “hates black people.”

After the Super Bowl, the Reid herself claimed the NFL had tried to “sanitize Blackness.”

Story continues at: Joyless Reid strikes again

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