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ONLY White parents protest in schools!

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Protests against school boards came to another head on Wednesday after San Francisco citizens successfully voted to recall three of the city’s school board members for pushing progressive politics over their children’s education.

While some have shown concern that the Democrats have a “super wokeness” problem, Reid continued to push the idea that White conservatives or White Christians were the primary drive behind school board protests.

This contrasted various notable protesters across the country including Indian-American Sira Raj, who helped initiate the original recall effort in San Francisco.

“The city of San Francisco has risen up and said this is not acceptable to put our kids last,” said Raj. “Talk is not going to educate our children, it’s action. It’s not about symbolic action, it’s not about changing the name on a school, it is about helping kids inside the school building read and learn math.”

Colorado father Derrick Wilburn, a descendent of Black slaves, also notably protested the teaching of critical race theory in his children’s schools back in August.

“There’s simply no point in doing that to our children, and putting critical race theory into our classrooms in part does that. Putting critical theory into our classrooms is not combating racism. It’s fanning the flames of what little embers are left. I encourage you to support this resolution. Let racism die the death it deserves,” Wilburn said.

The Colorado Springs School District 49 school board later voted to ban critical race theory teachings in its schools.

Former Wall Street Journal columnist Asra Nomani, a Muslim Indian-American, also frequently calls out efforts by school boards and the Biden administration to smear and belittle parents over education.

“I am a liberal Democrat and for the first time ever, I voted for [a Republican] Glenn Youngkin for governor. … And CNN, all these people [in the media], they are trash-talking us. I am a Muslim woman of color and I’m telling you, we are not White supremacists. If this is what a White supremacist looks like, then … all of you need a timeout,” Nomani said to Fox News in November following Republican Glenn Youngkin’s election in Virginia.

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