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Valentines Day for whites only?

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The grownups who run a private school in Providence, Rhode Island are concerned about heterosexual-specific Valentine’s Day cards.

That is apparently a thing in today’s woke culture.

The Moses Brown Lower School fired off guidelines for the sorts of cards that are and are not allowed.

“As we approach the month of February, we are writing to share some guidelines for the selection and exchange of Valentines in the Lower School,” educators wrote to parents.

Families were told to steer clear of cards that only portray white people in love.

It seems a bit odd seeing how most grade school Valentine’s Day cards feature cute bunnies or birds or puppy dogs.

Representation matters – that’s what school leaders said. And that includes in matters of non-heteorsexual sex.

Parents were told to avoid gender normative cards — as in little boys who have crushes on little girls.

I reckon school leaders feared that transgender first graders might feel left out.

Instead, they want students to exchange cards that promote inclusivity, according to a memorandum obtained by the NBC television affiliate in Providence:

If your child would like to bring cards for classmates (this is entirely optional), please bring a card for every other child in the pod or in the grade.

Please coach your child if purchasing commercially produced cards to select something that does not feel ‘gender normative’ (with separate ‘boy cards’ vs. ‘girl cards,’ for instance.)

Also, consider talking to your child about avoiding cards that portray only White human characters. Representation matters and our students of color also deserve to see themselves in some of the cards they receive, unless we can find cards without people pictured at all.

Valentine’s Day celebration at the Lower School level should have a focus on friendship and fun. Please join us in trying to avoid the romantic crush themes that can dominate the day for older students.” 

It sounds like the school is run by a bunch of grownups who never got Valentine’s Day cards when they were in grade schools.

Story continues at: School Kids

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