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Democrats compare climate change to 9/11

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Two Democratic lawmakers in New York are facing criticism for posing with a sign that invoked an image of 9/11 to promote climate change awareness.

“The fact that Senate Democrats stood proudly grinning in front of 9/11 imagery to advance an extreme energy agenda tells you everything you need to know about their radical views,” the New York Republican Party posted on Twitter Wednesday along with a photo of State Sens. Rachel May and Robert Jackson posing behind a sign that showed a plane with the words “climate change” heading toward the now-destroyed World Trade Center towers.

On Twitter, May explained that she posed behind the sign without looking to see what it said.

“I attended the rally today to support a significant investment in climate change in the state budget,” May tweeted Tuesday. “I posed for numerous photos with activists, and did not see the content of the sign.”

May added, “The imagery on the banner is unacceptable and I would never endorse such a cynical use of our state’s history to score cheap points. I apologize sincerely to all New Yorkers and call upon the organizers to similarly condemn this message.”

Jackson also apologized on Twitter saying that he too was unaware of what the sign said.

“I did not note the details of the artwork and would never support anything that denigrates the memory of all who were impacted by 9/11,” Jackson said on Twitter. “The artwork depicted is wrong and I fully reject it.”

The post received criticism from many on social media including from New York State Republican Committee Chairman who called on May to resign.

Story continues at: NY Dems and Climate Change

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