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NY wants gun confiscation while Ukraine citizens need guns

New York politician organized a gun drive for legal gun owners to donate weapons intended to be shipped to Ukraine, where citizens have taken up arms against their Russian invaders.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman hosted a press conference Thursday at SP Firearms Unlimited in Franklin Square, N.Y. He said the legal firearms dealer, with assistance from the Nassau County Police Department, will be collecting over the next four days donations of unloaded rifles, shotguns or an AR-15 or other long gun weapons from legal gun owners to be sent to the Ukrainian people.

The weapons will be placed in storage “until we can get the American government to ship those weapons to the Ukraine,” Blakeman said.

“We will collect them,” he added. “President Biden, you get them there.”

It’s unclear if shipping donated weapons to Ukraine will be possible.

“The County has asked the Biden admin for help transporting,” Blakeman’s spokesman told Fox News Digital. “There are companies that can export weapons to foreign countries, but it takes a lot of time. That is why we have asked the president for help. We have not yet heard back.”

The Pentagon has ordered tens of thousands of U.S. troops to Europe to bolster NATO’s eastern flank, but so far, the Biden administration has said American soldiers will not fight a war in Ukraine.

Most members of NATO and the European Union have been funneling weapons, including rocket launchers, antitank missiles, machine guns, sniper rifles and ammunition, into Ukraine since Russia invaded eight days ago. Russian forces seized Kherson and are closing in on the capital of Kyiv.

Members of Long Island’s Ukrainian American community joined Blakeman on Thursday.

Story continues at: Gun Grab

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