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Tik Tok Influencers worth Millions

A big fear for parents who aren’t tech-savvy or up-with-trends is that their child is wasting time on social media apps. It is undeniable, social media can be a big distraction:

On the flip side, social media has also introduced new career possibilities.

For example, if your child says they want to be a TikTok influencer when they’re older, don’t immediately scream in panic. TikTok influencers can be positive role models, educational, and to be successful, your child will likely need to show real business acumen.

For those curious about influencers:

  • What is an influencer? An influencer is someone who through their social media posts, showcases information or products in an attempt to get their followers to be interested.
  • Best way to think of an influencer? Think of an influencer like a salesperson, with social media posts acting like TV commercials or infomercials.

This doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t be cautious over social media or associated influencer-related careers. There are bad influences who make big money for being surrounded by controversy:

However, if your child is passionate about it, you should know that influences can make a real income from it. And some, who become massively popular can make millions. Check out the TikTok Rich List Top 5 below, courtesy of Forbes:

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