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Moms take WIN school board seats – Just the start

Republicans claimed victory this week in all three Waukesha, Wisconsin school board seats as education and parental influence in the classroom remains a center focus for voters nationwide

Newly-elected board member and mother of three, Karrie Kozlowski, explained how academic performance is the main focus for her on “Fox & Friends,” warning the community is at a “crossroads.”

“I think we’re at a big crossroads where parents, grandparents in the community are just tired of our children not getting the academic education that they need,” Kozlowski told co-host Ainsley Earhardt. “We’re at a point that our children are not college-ready. They’re not trades-ready, they’re not ready for the world. That has to change.”

The first Black elected Waukesha official Marquell Moorer and Waukesha father of two Mark Borowski discussed how issues like student achievement, parental rights, and managing the budget were front and center with voters this cycle.

“Student achievement in our district has been on a decline for years and is stagnant,” Borowski told co-host Todd Piro on “Fox & Friends First” Thursday. “So that’s that was the number one issue.”

Moorer reiterated the importance of focusing on fundamental curriculum as opposed to what many critics call left-leaning indoctrination.

“My victory sends a message of basically reclaiming our reputation of our… school district by raising high expectations for all of our kids, regardless of our identities, ensuring that all of our kids are on grade level,” Moorer said.

“Making sure we get back to the basics of teaching fundamental academics and not any rhetoric or any ideology that may not align with the values of the people of Waukesha,” he continued.

Kozlowski echoed Moorer’s sentiment, highlighting the importance of teachers educating students, as opposed to indoctrinating them.

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