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Transgender wants to protect children from medical malpractice

Helena Kerschner is a 23 year old woman who believed that she was transgender when she was a teenager. She recently shared her full story on her Substack, and regularly speaks about her experience during interviews and events. Helena is on a mission to educate the public about the risks of “gender affirming care” in an effort to protect vulnerable people from medical and psychological harm.

During Helena’s recent conversation with Tucker Carlson about her transition and detransition experience, she shared that, “It’s just devastating to, especially from a young age, be lied to by adults at school and by medical professionals, and told that your body is wrong, you need to change it, you need to get hormones, you need to get surgeries. That’s devastating for a young person.”

Helena is also mentioned in The Testosterone Hangover, a report by Suzy Weiss for the Common Sense Substack about the medical mistreatment detransitioners received and their deep regret over their transition experiences. Some excerpts from Helena’s story include:

“I thought testosterone would transform me from being short and pudgy to lanky and male, but in a graceful type of way, not muscley,” said Helena Kerschner, 23. Helena is from Cincinnati, and she is one of the country’s most prominent detransitioners, as people who transition genders and then change back are called. She has a Substack with thousands of subscribers.

The guidance counselor at her public school agreed with Helena that she was a man. She helped her make a budget for her transition, and referred her to the school psychologist, who was even more gung-ho. “I remember the psychologist saying, ‘Your mom is a transphobe,’ and telling me about suicide risks.” They had three or four meetings before inviting Helena’s mother to have a conversation with the both of them, which didn’t go well.

Story continues at: Medical Malpractice


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