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Teachers Union Steps in it Again!

COREY DEANGELIS: This was just an epic self-own for Randi Weingarten, her teachers’ union’s own poll tearing the narrative into shreds. It found that Republicans were winning on the issue of education and that Democrats were more likely to be viewed as over-politicizing the classroom, which is the complete opposite of what Randi Weingarten has been tweeting every single day.

She’s been blaming the Republicans, but her own poll found that the Democrats, if anything, were more responsible for over-politicizing the classroom. And since then, there’s been another poll that just came out from the Democrats for education reform, also finding Republicans up on the issue of education by about three percentage points overall and by nine percentage points with parents. The GOP has a perfect opportunity here to become the parents’ party.

Hopefully, they don’t screw it up and can learn from Glenn Youngkin in Virginia. He showed them the way to lean into parental rights. It’s a political winner. And look, if you want a red wave, this is the way to do it.

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Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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