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Conservative Students Sue College

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YAF students at Clovis Community College, represented by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Education (FIRE), filed the lawsuit Thursday.

“Clovis tried to put up barriers against our ideas because administrators didn’t like them,” said YAF-Clovis founder Alejandro Flores. “But that’s the opposite of what a college should do. Our college should encourage us to discuss and sharpen our ideas, not shut down the conversation.”

So today, our students at Clovis Community College, the YAF chapter there, announced that they are suing their school, specifically the administrators and the president of the college for basically discriminating against them, for having conservative ideas. Now, what this kind of bring back to you is the fact that the school removed posters, that the conservative students hung around campus promoting anti-communism ideas. So we’re memorializing all the lives lost in communist countries. And the school took them down because someone complained, saying they were offensive. Then we flash forward to another situation where the chapter wanted to hang up pro-life fliers around the time of the Dobbs decision being discussed and brought before the Supreme Court. And the school refused to approve those posters to be hung and instead told them that they could hang the fliers on this so-called free speech kiosk, which is like in the middle of nowhere on campus, not very well traveled and really rundown area. So we’re seeing here that conservative students are being treated like second-class citizens. And these students said enough is enough. We’re going to sue our administrators because we will not be tolerating this behavior.

The irony here is that really the school is kind of becoming an authoritarian state by not allowing them to hang up these fliers. And what was revealed actually in a public records request done by Young America’s Foundation showed that administrators were kind of scheming behind closed doors. One of them wrote in an email that he would, quote, gladly take the fliers down after people complained about them.

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