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Mom’s group exposes LACBOH wrong doing!

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While many areas in the country – even blue areas – are moving forward from COVID hysteria and repeated trips to the COVID gravy train, in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties they’re still partying like it’s 2020.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Director Dr. Barbara “Not That Kind of Doctor” Ferrer happily continues to ignore positive data and, well, lie about the numbers to maintain the COVID hysteria. She’s been warning that it’ll be necessary to renew the county’s indoor mask mandate simply due to the number of positive COVID tests, and at this point, that mandate is due to return on July 29. Without citing any actual numbers, Ferrer said in a press conference on July 14:

“Covid is still one of the leading causes of death in L.A. County, Every day when I report out who dies, there are people who die who have no underlying health conditions. So no one should go into a space of saying, ‘I’m not at any risk.’ Because that’s just absolutely not true.”

The woman is a straight-up fraud, as a video of an “internal virtual weekly town hall” of Los Angeles County USC Medical Center (LAC+USC) physicians filmed that same day will clearly illustrate.

We would have never had this information, which ostensibly Ferrer has access to (“the numbers”) without the efforts of an unnamed group of Los Angeles-area moms who are fed up and have decided to show just how much of a fraud she is. They leaked the video of the LAC+USC docs discussing the state of COVID and hospitalizations at LAC+USC. These doctors were mocking the idea that a COVID crisis was occurring in Los Angeles County, and that any hysteria surrounding this was media generated.

Story continues at: No More Masks


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