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Black professor pushes to abolish capitalism and whiteness

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A peek at the equity work in the public school district right down the street from Harvard.

Meet Dena Simmons.

Dena is the founder of LiberatED, which she bills as “a social and emotional learning approach to racial justice and healing. A movement. A collective. A path towards liberation.”

Dena doesn’t believe in capitalism and believes whiteness should be eradicated.

She said so in a webinar she gave with Haymarket books that has over a quarter million views. Other videos on their channel include “Learning as Rebellion: Resisting Right Wing Attacks on Higher Ed Across America” and “What is the Relevance of the Russian Revolution Today?”

Some of her Quotes

“Being an abolitionist is anti-capitalism because there’s a connection between capitalism and slavery…and honestly, to me that’s whiteness. And we have to eradicate whiteness, abolish whiteness as well.” 

Dena states that equity is about the “redistribution of resources so that the outcomes are different” (a fundamentally Marxist concept regarding equality of outcomes rather than equality of opportunity) from the CASEL Social Emotional Learning conference in 2019.

She also stated that the schools have blood on their hands because they are “seeped in whiteness” and that “white folks don’t like to be uncomfortable.”

Story continues at: Whiteness must go!


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