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No baseball night for Pro-Lifers

An independent baseball team in Colorado has canceled its Family Night just hours before the first pitch, shutting out pro-life organizations that were sponsoring the event.

The Rocky Mountain Vibes were slated to host Family Night during their game on Friday, but due to objections to two organizations partnering on the event, the team canceled.

Save the Storks, one of the sponsors, said in a Facebook post that UCHealth, the health system company behind the Vibes’ stadium’s name, “was behind this shut down.”

However, the Vibes themselves said in a statement to Fox News that it was solely their decision to cancel.

“While we value all our sponsors and ticket holders, they do not make decisions regarding the nature of our post-game entertainment, or groups that come out to our stadium to raise awareness for their causes. The Vibes made this decision after seeing the proposed assets from the partner in question because they felt that the partner would hinder the team’s mission in providing fun and affordable family entertainment. Any statement placing blame on any outside party for cancelation of tonight’s events is inaccurate. The Vibes made this decision internally and stand by their choice.”

In a phone call with Fox News Digital, UCHealth denied any involvement in the cancelation, saying it was “inaccurate” to say otherwise.

Ferraro also said in a statement that the event drove 3,000 tickets sold. Now, she’s pleading for those who bought tickets to ask for refunds.

“We are encouraging our supporters to request refunds for their tickets and not attend an event that no longer welcomes families,” she said.

Julie Bailey, vice president of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life, said the team emailed the two organizations at 10:30 a.m. local time Friday morning with the news of the cancelation.

“We’re very disappointed,” Bailey told Fox News Digital. “We’ve been working on this several months. We’re just very disappointed.

“This is just a reflection of the culture we’re in.”

Story continues at: No Pro-Lifers


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