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More and More Hispanics moving right!

For generations, Democrats have taken the Hispanic community for granted. But now, their coasting has caught up with them. The Democrats’ jolt leftward has alienated their own base, and many Hispanic voters are finding a new home in the Republican Party. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, I’m proud to welcome them to the GOP.

While Hispanic Americans enjoyed a record-low unemployment rate, record-low poverty, and record-high homeownership under President Donald Trump, the opposite has been true under President Joe Biden. In August, the consumer price index soared by 8.3% compared to last year, outpacing experts’ predictions and keeping inflation at a 40-year high. Staples such as milk and eggs have surged 17% and 40%, respectively.

Gasoline is up 26%, and fuel oil prices have increased by nearly 70% — bad news heading into the winter. As if that weren’t bad enough, wages aren’t keeping up with inflation, falling nearly 3% last month. For hard-working families, these are crushing blows. But rather than reverse course, Biden has only made inflation worse with 87,000 new IRS agents to audit the middle class. Democrats in the House and Senate have enabled him every step of the way.

Meanwhile, an out-of-control crisis on our southern border is not only a slap in the face to Hispanic Americans who came legally to the United States, but it also opens the floodgates to crime and drugs. Since Biden took office, over 4.2 million illegal immigrants have crossed the border into the U.S. Fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 18 and 45, and drug-related violence is sweeping communities all over the country. The Democrats’ support for “Defund the Police,” gutted bail policies, the lack of prosecution for criminals (including repeat offenders), and downgrading crimes from felonies to misdemeanors hasn’t helped. In fact, 14 major cities run by Democrats broke homicide records in 2021, and six blue cities are now on pace to break violent crime records set last year. It’ll only get worse if the Democrats stay in power.

When they aren’t burdening Hispanics with skyrocketing prices or making their neighborhoods more dangerous, Democrats alienate them with culture wars. Whereas 87% of Hispanic voters support abortion limits, Democrats have adopted an extremist “on demand without apology” abortion agenda. While many Hispanic Americans fled socialist and communist countries such as Venezuela and Cuba, Democrats bombard their children with divisive critical race theory and anti-American propaganda in classrooms. And while the term “Latinx” is deeply unpopular among Latinos, Democrats insist on referring to them in this way. First lady Jill Biden has described them as unique as “breakfast tacos.”

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