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Elizabeth Warren Gets Crushed On Twitter After Complaining About SCOTUS Ruling On Affirmative Action

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It’s no surprise that Senator Elizabeth Warren would have the audacity to complain about the Supreme Court decision on Affirmative Action in higher education.

After all, this is an individual who didn’t hesitate to lie about her ethnic background in order to gain an advantage over other applicants when she was applying for college and jobs.

It’s obvious that Warren has been a beneficiary of Affirmative Action and now she wants to continue receiving those benefits at the expense of others.

The truth is, there are many individuals out there who have earned their place in higher education through hard work and dedication.

These students should not be punished because they don’t fit into a certain racial or ethnic category that supposedly warrants special treatment.

We should strive for merit-based decisions when it comes to college admissions rather than handing out positions based on skin color or gender. This only creates divisions within our society instead of helping us come together as one nation, under God, indivisible where everyone can succeed according to their own merits.

Affirmative Action creates a bias against certain groups and rewards people based on factors that have nothing to do with academic achievement or potential for success in college. This type of program clearly disadvantages lower income Americans who may not have access to resources like test prep courses or tutoring services which wealthier families often take advantage of when preparing for college entrance exams. Not only does this system create unfair advantages for some but it also makes it more difficult for those from less privileged backgrounds to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential as human beings.

As conservatives, we must stand up against programs such as Affirmative Action which reward individuals based on perceived racial entitlement rather than merit-based criteria such as grade point average or class rank, extracurricular activities, personal achievements or community involvement and service projects completed during high school years – all of which are true indicators of academic ability and potential for success beyond high school walls while remaining blind to race and ethnicity altogether.

Elizabeth Warren’s rant about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Affirmative Action shows just how far removed she is from what matters most – treating everyone fairly regardless of race, gender, religion or any other factor outside academic achievement – something we should all demand no matter our political beliefs.

Look how Twitter scalped Fauxcahontas:





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