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Homelessness In Los Angeles Tops 75,000

The sobering reality of homelessness in Los Angeles, California has been exposed with the latest report that an estimated 75,000 people are now living on the streets.

This is a devastating statistic for one of America’s most populous cities and further highlights the failings of liberal policies which have allowed this issue to become so widespread.

Breitbart News reported:

Disaster: Homelessness Skyrockets in Los Angeles; Over 75,000 on Streets in L.A. County

Homelessness in Los Angeles skyrocketed over the last year, increasing by 10% in L.A. County and 9% in the city, leaving more than 75,000 people living on the streets of the county in an epic setback for local leaders.

This is from the Los Angeles Times:

Homelessness continues to soar, jumping 9% in L.A. County, 10% in the city

Homelessness continued to rise dramatically, increasing by 9% in Los Angeles County and 10% in the city of Los Angeles last year, in a stark illustration of the challenges faced by officials trying to reduce the number of people living on the streets…

The count, conducted by thousands of volunteers during a three-day period in January, projected that 75,518 people were living in interim housing or a tent, car, van, RV, tent or makeshift shelter in Los Angeles County, compared with 69,144 the previous year…

Almost all the growth came from the Westside and Harbor areas of Los Angeles, with each seeing increases of just over 2,000 people, or about 45%.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on this issue and it keeps getting worse.

The issue of homelessness is not unique to Los Angeles; it affects many big cities across the United States. However, what makes Los Angeles particularly noteworthy is its close proximity to some of the wealthiest individuals in the world – namely Hollywood celebrities.

Unfortunately, these stars have failed to make any meaningful progress in addressing this humanitarian crisis despite their vast wealth and influence.

It appears that instead of using their resources for good, many celebrities have chosen to exploit homeless individuals for personal gain or publicity stunts rather than actually helping them.

For example, actor Tom Cruise was recently criticized for his “tasteless” publicity stunt where he pretended to be homeless while filming a movie in downtown LA. After being confronted by several real-life homeless people who were angry about his presence taking away attention from their plight, Cruise quickly retreated back into his limousine without offering any assistance or even an apology for his insensitivity.

This kind of behavior is sadly typical among wealthy Hollywood elites who seem more concerned with projecting a false image of benevolence than making a genuine effort towards rectifying social injustices such as homelessness. As long as this attitude persists it will be impossible to find solutions that can help alleviate the suffering experienced by those living on the streets every day.

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