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Rep. Jake LaTurner: ‘American Taxpayer Shouldn’t be Footing Bill for Illegal Immigrants’

On Monday, Rep. Jake LaTurner appeared on Newsmax to discuss the House Oversight Committee investigation into the Biden administration’s Federal Emergency Management Agency’s potential use of taxpayer dollars to support illegal immigration.

“We absolutely need to know about it, and that is why we lead this letter along with the chairman of the Oversight Committee,” he told Newsmax host John Bachman.

“We have got to get to the bottom of exactly how much money FEMA is giving to these NGOs who are providing maps, with some legal advice on the maps, telling folks where to enter our country, what to say.

“This is an unsustainable problem, and the American taxpayer should not be footing the bill helping people cross the border illegally. This is wrong, and the House Oversight Committee is going to get to the bottom of it,” LaTurner said.

He slammed the “ideological nonsense from liberals across the country” for wanting to “open up the southern border. They want no enforcement down there. They literally want a wide open border, but don’t want to deal with the consequences of it.

LaTurner said, “You’re going to continue to see this issue rise in the consciousness of Americans because they are the ones dealing with it.

They are the ones dealing with fentanyl deaths. They’re the ones dealing with this no matter if you’re on the border or not. This is an enormous issue, and we have to put a stop to it.”

He then laid into President Joe Biden, who has only been to the southern border ONE TIME since he became president.

“I want him to go to the border, not just for window dressing. The reason I want him to go is because I think if he was there, if he spoke to the Border Patrol agents, if he looked these kids in the eye that are being sex trafficked across our southern border, if he went to my district or cities across this country and talked to families that are dealing with loved ones who have passed away because of fentanyl, he would want to solve the problem,” LaTurner explained.

“House Republicans are doing everything we can to secure the southern border. This administration is doing almost nothing, and we have to address it,” he said.

“Of course, we have to make great efforts to send people back home that came here illegally. They broke the law, and it is enormously disrespectful to the many millions of Americans who went through the legal channels and did it the right way.”

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