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“Stop F****ing Touching Me!” – Angry Mob of Trans and Gay Activists Attack Brave Women’s Rights Activist Holding Five-Word Sign During NYC Pride March (VIDEO)

Outrage is growing across the nation after a group of trans and gay-lesbian activists viciously attacked a brave protester in Washington Square Park during Friday’s New York City Drag March.

In a particularly vile incident, several marchers can be heard chanting: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” for several seconds. One topless female is dancing while making the chant while others laugh and join in.

Watch the footage as the incident unfolds.

A woman by the alias “LGBT Nonprofit Whistleblower,” arrived to the scene of debauchery with a simple five-word sign which said “Defend Female Sex Based Rights.”

The sign sent the activists into a fit of rage.

They violently ripped the sign away from her hands and hit her with a few objects.


At the present time, authorities have not even bothered to launch an investigation.

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