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Declassified JFK Documents Reveal Swedish Man Predicted JFK’s Assassination Just Weeks Before

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On June 27th, the Biden administration released 1,103 documents pertaining to John F. Kennedy’s assassination in accordance with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act. Despite releasing some of these documents, they ultimately decided to postpone releasing all of the classified documents at once.

In the latest JFK file dump, a document that originated from the CIA revealed an American from New Jersey named Jay Albrecht who was residing in Stockholm, Sweden entered the US embassy in Stockholm on November 29th 1963 and asked to speak to an embassy officer.

After being arranged a meeting with an embassy officer, and told them that his former girlfriend Charlotte Aberg (a Swedish citizen) shared with him her boyfriend Karl-Erik Ridderstrale’s shocking claims: he had said ‘Within two weeks President Kennedy would be assassinated while on a trip among his own people’ while he was drunk just seven days before JFK was killed.

Also, Albrecht revealed that Ridderstrale was a “left winger and strong supporter of Fidel Castro.”


Charlotte Aberg later came to the Swedish embassy and shared the same story as Albrecht but did have some minor differences in details.

Aberg stated Ridderstrale made the comments about JFK’s murder about 10 days beforehand and not seven as Albrecht stated.

After sharing her testimony with an officer at the US embassy she was advised to give the information to Swedish authorities.

Swedish authorities eventually investigated Ridderstrale and told Aberg that Ridderstrale never remembers saying anything about JFK’s assassination nor did he know anything beforehand about the US president’s death.

Read the entire document here.

The answer is not known for sure as many aspects around this event remain unclear and mysterious even today; however, one thing is certain: the release of these documents has sparked new interest in this long-standing mystery.

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