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Don Jr. Does An Amusing Impression Of Joy Reid TPUSA Action Conference

Donald Trump Jr. attracted a lot of attention at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach on Sunday, especially when he addressed the controversial topic of Affirmative Action. His impressions of Joy Reid had the audience roaring with approval.

Recently, MSNBC’s Joyless Reid voiced her displeasure after the US Supreme Court overturned affirmative action at colleges and universities. “Let me just be clear, I got into Harvard because of affirmative action,” she said earlier this month. Unsurprisingly, her comments have sparked fierce debate across the country.

It is understandable why many are concerned about how affirmative action policies can negatively impact individuals from certain backgrounds who may not merit entry to schools based on their qualifications alone.

The potential for such policies to disadvantage some students does appear to be genuine and should not be taken lightly.

It is reasonable that those who are critical of Affirmative Action would point out that there are other ways to achieve diversity without sacrificing quality or giving preferential treatment to one group over another.

In Donald Trump Jr’s speech at the Turning Point conference, he made his views known by offering a concise summary of Affirmative Action and its implications for today’s society – all while perfectly impersonating Joy Reid – which was received with much enthusiasm from the crowd.

It certainly seems that Don Jr.’s take on this issue has resonated with many who feel similarly about these policies and their consequences for those involved in them directly or indirectly.

“Well, let me just be clear, I got into Harvard because of affirmative action,” Joy Reid said earlier this month surprising absolutely no one.


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