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Far-Left Twitter Warriors Attack In-N-Out Burger For Relaxing Mask Requirements

Conservatives have had great success in boycotting Bud Light for their woke, political agenda, and now the left thinks they have found a new target of their own to boycott: In-N-Out Burger.

The fast food chain recently told its employees that the coronavirus crisis is over, and masks are no longer necessary in the workplace. This decision has triggered leftists, who are using laughable Twitter campaigns to attack In-N-Out.

Doctor Lucky Tran, a “global scientist” and mask zealot, started a large thread on Twitter expressing his displeasure with In-N-Out’s decision while also encouraging those in agreement with him to tweet about it or send messages through the company’s website.

He was particularly incensed when California courts declared that employees cannot sue their employers for catching COVID-19 in the workplace. MaskTogetherAmerica also joined in and chastised In-N-Out for allegedly wanting to ban masks from being worn unless there is a doctor’s note presented.

The doctor also began posting links to the burger company’s public comments page.

Other leftists joined in on the assault on In-N-Out. One Twitter user named Babs urged leftists to call the company’s hotline and complain.

Another shrill leftist advised liberals to “BE LOUD” in their attacks on In-N-Out over its masking policy.

“We have to fight back on this. We need to BE LOUD in our opposition! Call and email In-n-out! Let them know this is unacceptable. Policymakers and organizations need to speak out. Businesses cannot ban masks and put staff life and health in danger,” she wrote.

Ultimately, the far-left group calling itself “MaskTogetherAmerica,” which was organized in 2019 to push vaccines and the myth of masks on America, also joined in to urge its brainwashed followers to attack In-N-Out.

“In-N-Out Burger is allegedly trying to ban employees from wearing masks unless they have a doctor’s note, except @innoutburger in CA. MaskTogetherAmerica condemns mask bullying, mask banning or any forms of discrimination against people who mask up to stay healthy,” the far-left group tweeted.

But what these far-left groups fail to realize is that if employees of In-N-Out feel unsafe without wearing masks they can simply get another job where they will feel more secure.

There are plenty of businesses (like Starbucks) that cater to leftist values so those individuals should not have difficulty finding employment elsewhere.

It comes as no surprise that leftist groups would be attacking such an iconic conservative and Christian company like In-N-Out Burger; however it should be commended for standing firm against this wave of criticism and disregarding myth about masks preventing virus transmission.

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