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German Woman Drags Environmental Activist Out Of The Street By Her Hair

It is becoming increasingly anoying that leftists are willing to go to extreme lengths in order to push their political agenda.

From blocking traffic and interrupting commerce, to destroying historical artifacts and even abusing citizens of their own communities, the tactics employed by these activists seem designed to do nothing but make people miserable.

This week, a woman in Bottrop, Germany was dubbed a “brutal blonde” by European media after she twice dragged a climate activist from blocking traffic.

The incident was captured on video and posted by an activist group called Letzte Generation – which translates as “The Last Generation” – who have been staging protests all across Germany.

In the video, it can be seen that the woman screamed at the protester before grabbing her hair and dragging her off the road.

Police said that the activist had sustained only minor injuries as a result of this altercation, however, they were still looking into videos and photos of the incident with regards to potential criminal proceedings against those involved for forcibly removing protesters from roads.

The tactic employed by activists of Letzte Generation also includes gluing their hands onto roads so as to prevent them from being removed without assistance from fire crews; one such video showed an activist screaming as his hands were chipped away from underneath him.

It appears that patience is wearing thin among German drivers in particular, with numerous videos showing angry drivers getting out of their vehicles to berate protesters or blow past them, knocking them over in some cases.

Overall, it seems quite clear that while Leftists may believe they have every right to infringe upon people’s lives in order to further their political ends, not everyone is ready or willing to accept such intrusive methods of activism.

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