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Hillary Clinton Blames ‘MAGA Republicans’ For Heat Wave

In the midst of a tumultuous political climate and a nation-wide heat wave, Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to express her opinion on what she believes is America’s greatest crisis.

While many agree that the challenges facing our nation are numerous and difficult, Mrs. Clinton has drawn criticism from those who disagree with her assessment that the weather being paramount.

The former Secretary of State tweeted Tuesday morning that the “greatest crisis we face is hot weather in July.”

Given that summer temperatures are typically at their highest point during this month, it was an odd choice for Mrs. Clinton to focus her attention on such a comparatively mundane issue. But she did not stop there: She also offered a solution to the problem: “Remove Republicans from office & cool things off!”

Needless to say, many conservatives were left scratching their heads over Mrs. Clinton’s tweet as they viewed it as out-of-touch and misinformed.

While Democrats may see climate change as an urgent matter needing significant reform, it stands to reason that removing Republicans from office would do nothing to actually address global warming or extreme weather events like heat waves—aside from perhaps providing some emotional relief for Democratic voters who feel disenfranchised by Republican policies.

It is important for Americans to come together in order to tackle real issues head-on instead of engaging in partisan bickering or making light of serious matters like extreme weather conditions.


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