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Insiders EXPOSE President Biden’s deep worries for Hunter

According to sources close to the President, Joe Biden is reportedly “consumed” by worries about his son Hunter.

Recent reports from NBC indicate that some of Biden’s senior aides have tried to provide advice on how to deal with the issues surrounding his son, but Biden has been unresponsive.

Sources say that his responses have ranged from “defensive to outright angry” as information regarding the Biden family continues to become public.

“It does seem to be unraveling all around him, very quickly,” Sara Gonzales of “The News & Why It Matters” commented

And apparently, there’s a lot.

According to a Daily Caller article, one of the federal prosecutors involved in the investigation into Hunter’s alleged tax fraud donated to Joe Biden’s campaign, while another one donated to Kamala Harris.

In a recent press conference, video footage shows a visibly upset Biden yelling “no!” at a reporter who asked him if he was sitting next to his son while he sent messages through WhatsApp.

Many believe Biden may not be aware of how serious the situation is due to dementia or other cognitive issues.

BlazeTV contributor Jaco Booyens stated:

“I think he is being told ‘Listen, Hunter is innocent, this is an attack on Hunter.’ He’s regurgitating it. I doubt that he is at a cognitive level to sit down and bring advisers in and say, ‘Can you guys tell me how bad is it?’ Like a normal father would do.”

It is unclear what will happen next in this unfolding saga regarding Hunter and his father Joe Biden, but one thing remains certain: This story does not appear likely going away anytime soon.

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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