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Joe Biden Shuffles Away After Slurred Speech At Truman Civil Rights Symposium

On Thursday, 80-year-old Joe Biden delivered remarks at the Truman Civil Rights Symposium at the National Archives Research Center.

This was shortly after the Justice Department filed a superseding indictment with 3 additional charges against former President Donald Trump in the classified documents case.

Biden spoke of the United States’ military strength and acknowledged it as “the most diverse fighting force in the history of the world” during his address.

He continued to ramble on ““…And, I might add, the most diverse fighting fice!— force in the history of the world!” Biden said losing the battle with his teleprompter. “We have and always will have the strongest, toughest grating force, fighting force…”.

At 80 years old, Biden showed signs of difficulty due to age when he shuffled away from podium after his speech concluded. It appears that he is showing more signs of age every day.

Even the hacks at NBC have been forced to comment on Biden’s condition:

The president of the United States tripping and falling is never a good moment in the throes of a re-election campaign. But when the president is 80 years old and already faces concerns that he’s too old for another term, it’s something of a crisis.

Joe Biden’s aides realized they had a problem last month when the president tripped over a sandbag — hard — at the Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremony. Afterward, during a post-event recap, a few aides tried to figure out what may have gone wrong and how to make sure that such an embarrassing and dangerous incident “never happens again,” according to two people familiar with the discussion.

“You can’t be too careful,” one said.

Biden’s answer to voters who question whether he’s up to the rigors of a second term is simple: “Watch me.” The trouble is, voters are watching, and what they’re seeing is hardening impressions that it’s time for him to step aside, polling shows.

Apart from being the most taxing job on the world stage, the presidency is also the most public, and signs of advancing age are tough to miss.



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