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THROWBACK July 4 is an inside Celebration! WH agrees

Business Insider columnist Josh Barro prepared for July 4 weekend by declaring that “grilling is bad,” but critics swiftly condemned his opinion on the beloved American pastime.

The column, “Admit it: Grilling is bad,” was published on Thursday as Americans across the nation prepared for Independence Day barbecues.

“Who doesn’t like a backyard barbecue? Me, that’s who,” Barro wrote. “There’s a reason you do most of your cooking inside: Grills are impossible to keep clean, they lack good temperature control, and they make worse food than what you can prepare in your kitchen.”

The columnist then suggested that Fourth of July celebrations should be shifted indoors.

“Celebrate American prosperity with your fine kitchen appliances and make the food for the cookout indoors,” Barro wrote. “Your grill is filthy. The very first time you use a grill, it’s delightfully clean. Then food touches it. Grills run at high heat, and food burns onto the grates. Like with pots and pans, burned-on food is tough to remove from grill grates.”

He noted that if a frying pan was cleaned with a grill brush people would refuse to eat from it and call the cook “disgusting,” so he doesn’t understand why the same logic doesn’t apply to outdoor cooking.

“Every time you grill, you’re putting your new food right on top of the burned old food from last time, so it crusts onto your new food. Ew,” he wrote before adding that grills have “poor temperature control” on top of his cleanliness concerns.

“Meats need to be seared to develop flavor. Grills do this, but not as well as a heavy skillet on a hot burner does, since the skillet contacts more of the meat’s surface area. But once you have achieved a sear, more high-heat cooking is just a way to toughen and dry out your meat,” Barro wrote. “Indoor recipes involve strategies to avoid this.”

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