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New NBC Poll is Devastating for Joe Biden

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A recent NBC News poll has revealed troubling news for Joe Biden’s handling of the economy. According to the poll, only 34% of Americans approve of his ‘Bidenomics’ policies.

This lack of support from the public is so severe that even left-wing media outlets are calling for him to step down from office.

“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd commented on this situation, saying: “The American public is just not feeling it. Just 34% of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the economy … and only 20% of voters believe the nation is on the right track.” He went on to say that “Biden is trying to persuade voters that the economy is better than they think it is”.

Unfortunately, these circumstances have caused a number of financial difficulties in America. Mortgage rates have jumped by 31 basis points in just one week and now average at 7.22%.

For those with $400,000 mortgages, this means an additional $1,000 per month added to their payments as reported by CNBC. Inflation rates have also soared while banks and retirement accounts have suffered greatly due to Biden’s economic policies.

Joe Biden does not appear fazed by these polls or figures however as he seems content with securing his spot for 2024’s election campaign instead.

This will no doubt follow much like 2020 did: nominating an unpopular candidate, campaigning from home, holding few rallies, sending out millions of mail-in ballots, inserting drop boxes, using voting machines, delivering ballots late after deadlines, and keeping GOP workers out of counting rooms – all while adding votes days after the election has ended.

It can be said without a doubt that Joe Biden has been one of America’s worst presidents in US history thus far – evidenced by his open borders policy, international crime rings led by his family members, cocaine issues within White House walls, inappropriate behavior towards children and babies as well as surrendering US soldiers while simultaneously providing arms to terrorists abroad such as in Ukraine where cluster bombs were shipped off resulting in numerous deaths – regardless if he believes himself qualified enough or not for another term come 2024.


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