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Pelosi Wants to Violate Constitution By Placing Term Limits on The Supreme Court but Not Congress

In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, Rep. Nancy Pelosi expressed her support for term limits for The Supreme Court.

Despite her long tenure in Congress, Pelosi has never before advocated for term limits for members of Congress.

She also discussed the possibility of expanding the Supreme Court, noting that it has been over 150 years since the last expansion, stating it is a topic worthy of discussion.

“It’s been over 150 years since we’ve had an expansion of the court. It was in the time of Lincoln that it went up to nine, so the subject of whether that should happen is a discussion.”

“Here we have a body … chosen for life. Never have to run for office. Nominated, confirmed for life, with no accountability for their ethics behavior,” Pelosi said.


It’s worth noting that implementing term limits on The Supreme Court is a complex issue.

According to Article III of the United States Constitution, Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life, so any effort to establish term limits would require a constitutional amendment.

The Biden administration has established a commission to explore structural changes to the Supreme Court, including the possibility of implementing 18-year term limits for justices.

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