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Retired Four-Star General McChrystal Claims Nord Stream Pipeline Bombing Was Work Of The United States

The world was shocked when the Nord Stream pipeline, a natural gas pipeline running through the Baltic Sea connecting Russia to Germany, was bombed in September of 2022.

The question of who did it remains unanswered, though speculations have been rampant. Recently retired four-star General Stanley A. McChrystal added fuel to the fire with his explosive comments suggesting that the United States could have been behind the attack during a secretly recorded conversation obtained by Valuetainment Media.

McChrystal is a decorated general known for his command of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) in the mid-2000s and later for his role as Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan.

During this covertly recorded discussion, he seemed to imply that it wasn’t Russia or Ukraine who were responsible for this attack but rather other global natural gas producers –the United States being chief among them– who benefitted from it.

This statement raises many questions about US involvement, particularly since McChrystal was removed from his command following critical comments on Obama’s administration in 2010.

Was there any truth behind McChrystal’s accusations? Is this just speculation? If so, why would someone of such a high rank suggest such a thing? If not, what kind of implications does this have for US foreign policy?

Very few answers can be found and no official stance has been taken by either side on this issue yet, however, what we do know is that whoever planted bombs on one of Europe’s biggest energy arteries caused significant disruption to an important energy supply route between two strategically vital countries – something which could certainly be seen as a political act rather than just an economic one.

Even more concerning are reports that some countries may be using their intelligence agencies to conduct covert operations abroad without authorization or oversight from their own government or international organizations like NATO or UN Security Council –this type of activity is often referred to as “state-sponsored terrorism” and if proven true could lead to serious consequences both domestically and internationally.

It is imperative that further research into this matter takes place so that all parties involved can reach an informed conclusion about who was behind this attack and its potential effects before any action is taken against anyone deemed responsible for it.

In light of recent events involving US intelligence agencies engaging in questionable activities around the world, we need transparency and cooperation between governments and international institutions if we want peace instead of conflict.

Iranian-American entrepreneur and podcaster Patrick Bet-David reached out to General McChrystal for a comment but has not heard back.

PBD discussed this new revelation from the four-star general on his show.


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