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Tim Scott Surprises Tucker By Announcing He’d Hire Carlson For Bye-Bye Ambassador”

At the 2023 FAMiLY Leader Summit in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday, Tucker Carlson interviewed South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R).

The sold-out crowd was delighted as the interview began with Scott proclaiming the joy of being able to praise the Lord freely in this nation. During their conversation, several topics were discussed and many applause lines were delivered.

Senator Scott joked about appointing Carlson his “Bye-Bye Ambassador” when referring to Carlson’s suggestion of rounding up people in the country illegally and dropping them off in Tijuana.

When asked about sending cluster bombs to Ukraine, Scott said that such a move would not be necessary if he were president. He then highlighted U.S. reservists should be deployed at the border instead of being sent to Ukraine, stressing that control over one’s own back door is essential for a nation’s sovereignty.

On top of this, when addressing illegal immigrants coming into America as constituting an invasion, Scott agreed with Carlson’s sentiment – “I don’t disagree.”

As for other solutions proposed by Senator Scott to address this issue: closing the southern border and building a wall was among them – which earned him great applause from those gathered at the event.

He also spoke on eliminating Mexican cartels through furthering law enforcement efforts and making sure they “cease to exist”.

In addition, discussing objective truth between genders was another focus point highlighted during his interview with Carlson – stating that “two genders [are] one truth”.

To close out his time on stage with Carlson, Senator Scott sought to emphasize his faith once again – urging those who disagreed with commonsense conservative principles driven by Judeo-Christian foundations to simply choose another candidate for support.

The daylong annual event started off with worship led by multi-GMA Dove Award winner Selah and an introductory address given by FAMiLY Leader CEO Bob Vander Plaats before Tucker Carlson’s sit down with Senator Tim Scott took place.

Later on during the summit, Governor Kim Reynolds will sign a bill outlawing most abortions as soon as an unborn baby has a heartbeat after it passed earlier in the week among Iowa lawmakers – something which was celebrated heavily by both Reynolds and Senator Tim Scott alike as evidenced by their tweets regarding this news respectively.

Other presidential hopefuls have been invited for interviews throughout today such as former Vice President Mike Pence, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, former Ambassador Nikki Haley, and former Governor Asa Hutchinson – all of whom are expected to lend their thoughts regarding issues facing America today while offering potential solutions for them.

To wrap things up BlazeMedia will be providing coverage from the start till the finish of today’s summit – including Glenn Beck interviewing Tucker Carlson exclusively via BlazeTV at its conclusion!

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