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Trump Will Soon Be Charged With 101 Crimes And Counting: Report

45th President Donald Trump will soon be charged with at least 101 crimes as the Biden Department of Justice and Special Counsel Jack Smith reportedly plan to introduce an “additional 30 to 45 charges” against the former president in the coming days.

A new report by The Independent claims prosecutors are likely to bring new charges against both Trump and those in his orbit “in the coming weeks”:

The Independent understands that prosecutors’ decision on whether to seek additional charges from a grand jury — and where to seek them — will depend in part on whether they feel the Trump-appointed district judge overseeing the case against him in the Southern District of Florida, Aileen Cannon, is giving undue deference to the twice-impeached, now twice-indicted former president.
The team of federal prosecutors working under Special Counsel Jack Smith is currently prepared to add an “additional 30 to 45 charges” in addition to the 37-count indictment brought against Mr Trump on 8 June, either in a superseding indictment in the same Florida court or in a different federal judicial district. In either case, they would do so using evidence against the ex-president that has not yet been publicly acknowledged by the department, including other recordings prosecutors have obtained which reveal Mr Trump making incriminating statements.

Jack Smith’s new charges alone will mean Trump, the first president to ever be criminally charged in American history, faces between 67 and 82 federal charges from the Biden Department of Justice.

At the same time, Trump is facing a 34-count federal indictment from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in New York.

Donald Trump
President Trump delivers remarks to the Economic Club of New York in 2019 (Trump White House Archived / Flickr)

Combined, Trump may soon conservatively be charged with 101 separate crimes. The number could swell to 116, should Smith successfully convince a grand jury to agree with the high end estimate reported by The Independent.

Meanwhile, many pundits expect Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, another elected Democrat, to bring additional charges against Trump in Georgia over his attempts to assert his victory in the 2020 election.

Trump’s approval ratings and support within the crowded Republican primary field of candidates have both risen after each of his previous criminal indictments, though some high profile allies of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are urging Republicans to ditch Trump over the drama.

Other reports claim those inside the DeSantis campaign are “actively cheering” for the indictments against Trump because they believe the legal actions will prove a boon to the Florida governor.

Trump has vigorously maintained his innocence and declared the legal machinations part of the long running “witch hunt” against him and his supporters.

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