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Best Buy Training Program Offered Exclusively to Non-White Employees

A shocking story has emerged from O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) this week. A whistleblower inside Best Buy revealed a disturbing management training program that is exclusive to employees who “identify as Black, Latino, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander.”

This means white applicants are excluded from the program – a practice that could only be described as discrimination.

To add insult to injury another whistleblower revealed Christian employees are being discriminated against too: “A Geek Squad member has audio proof that the company refuses to allow Christian employees to display crosses while requiring them to attend LGBTQ workshops.”

These reports have caused public outcry and people are asking for Best Buy to receive its own version of the Bud Light treatment. People are angry about what appear to be obvious instances of discrimination and want something done about it immediately. But what can we do?

There are multiple courses of action open in such cases. The first option would be for individuals affected by these practices to take legal action against Best Buy either through civil litigation or via seeking out government enforcement agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

The EEOC exists specifically for this purpose and any individual who believes they have been discriminated against can file a charge with their local office which will investigate the case further and decide if there is sufficient evidence for a full investigation into Best Buy’s practices.

Additionally, those affected can also contact lawyers specializing in employment law who may also be able to assist with making their case stronger before filing charges with government bodies or taking it through civil litigation routes.

The second course of action would be for customers of Best Buy who feel strongly about this issue to make their voices heard by boycotting the store until it takes steps towards rectifying these issues or changing its policies so they no longer discriminate on race or religion grounds – whichever comes first.

Boycotts have been seen before when companies fail at upholding basic human rights standards and they often prove effective in sending a clear message that people won’t stand for discriminatory practices regardless of how major corporations behave.

It goes without saying however that boycotts should always remain peaceful as violence is not an acceptable form of protest no matter how much wrong one feels has been done!

Lastly, pressure needs to come from within too – those working at Best Buy need to speak up internally against such practices and call on management and leadership teams directly rather than keeping quiet out of fear or self-preservation considerations which may become relevant in certain cases where whistleblowing could lead to adverse consequences at work.

Employees must ensure they know their rights under state laws governing labor rights so they can advocate effectively without worrying about possible repercussions due solely based on speaking out against unethical behavior within any organization including Best Buy.

By doing so, workers send a strong signal that discrimination will not tolerated even if it’s coming from high-ranking executives within the firm itself!

Discrimination cannot and should not be accepted anywhere – especially not by big corporations like Best Buy whose behavior influences millions worldwide every day! We must keep up the fight against inequality wherever we find it because ultimately our collective future depends on us standing together in solidarity whenever injustice rears its ugly head!

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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