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Brawls Break Out In Two California Malls, Gunshots Fired During Altercations

On Sunday, hundreds of youths engaged in violent altercations in the Golden State, leaving some local journalists perplexed. According to the Los Angeles Times, two separate malls experienced clashes between teens.

The first incident took place at Del Amo Mall in Torrance, a city west of Los Angeles.

Torrance Police Sergeant Ron Salary reported that at approximately 4 P.M Pacific on Tuesday, the police received a call regarding a large crowd of juveniles engaging in physical altercations at the local shopping mall.

It was unclear how many youths were actually brawling, but an estimate of around one thousand spectators had gathered to observe the scene unfold.

In response to the widespread disturbance, officers from at least ten different agencies arrived to bring order to the chaos, as reported by KCAL News photojournalist John Schreiber.


Sgt. Salary reported that shots were fired, however, no individuals were reportedly struck. Additionally, there were no serious injuries reported.

Upon viewing the accompanying video, though, cause for doubt arises as a group of youths can be seen assaulting a fleeing boy.

At approximately 4:30 P.M Pacific, a brawl involving approximately 400 youths broke out in the courtyard of the Bay Area Shopping Center in Emeryville.

Gunshots were fired within the first three seconds of the altercation, and one young female was reportedly stabbed during the conflict.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a teenager was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries as a result of two large brawls occurring in one day.

This incident prompted local journalists, such as Tina Sampay, to speculate whether this could be attributed to a new TikTok trend or discounted movie tickets.

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