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CBS: Warm Weather, Not Democrat Policies, Are to Blame For High Gas Prices

The term lapdog media comes to mind here. However, CBS seems to have taken it to a whole new level here. They are more like an emotional support dog for the Democrats.

CBS host Gayle King recently suggested that the summer’s extreme heat is to blame for the recent spike in gas prices, not President Biden’s failed economic policies. This conclusion has left economists around the world scratching their heads, questioning why they didn’t think of this first.

On a recent broadcast, King stated “Have you noticed a recent surge in gas prices this summer? Join the club. You’re not alone. The national average price of a gallon of regular is now $3.83 – about thirty cents more than it was just a month ago. One big factor might surprise you: It seems this summer’s Extreme Heat is playing a role.”

The idea that extreme heat has caused prices at the pump to skyrocket have been met with heavy criticism from experts and laypersons alike.

Many are pointing out that other factors such as supply and demand, production and consumption, or President Biden’s economic policies should be taken into account when assessing the cost of fuel.

Experts point out that while weather can certainly affect markets – particularly those involving agricultural commodities – its impact on oil prices is relatively small compared to other factors like production levels and geopolitical events which can increase or decrease global supplies of crude oil.

It’s impossible to prove any direct connection between extreme temperatures and rising gasoline costs since there are so many other variables involved in pricing fuel according to market forces and government regulations.

Some suggest that CBS host Gayle King should take her own advice – instead of blaming higher gas prices on weather conditions – she should focus her attention on more reliable causes such as failed economic policies or international oil production issues; topics which are far more complex yet intrinsically linked to changes in fuel costs over time.



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