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Rep. Greg Steube Announces He’ll File Impeachment Resolution Against Joe Biden: “We Have All the Facts and Evidence Now”

On Thursday, Rep. Greg Steube made a significant announcement during an appearance on Newsmax with David Harris Jr., revealing his intentions to file an impeachment resolution against President Joe Biden on multiple charges this Friday.

As a member of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Rep. Steube will be filing these articles of impeachment with strong evidence supporting his claims.

Within the resolution, several allegations have been made against President Biden including bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice, fraud and financial involvement in drugs and prostitution.

To support these allegations are witness testimonies, financial records, text messages and phone conversations as well as the controversial laptop that has been linked to Biden’s son Hunter.

According to Rep. Steube there is enough evidence accumulated since the beginning of Congress to support these impeachment articles and he expressed hope that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would initiate the process after recess.

In addition to this resolution for impeachment, Rep. Steube also plans to introduce a separate piece of legislation titled “Helping Understand Narcotic Traces at the Executive Residence” or “Hunter Act” which aims to investigate drug-related use within White House walls and uncover any potential cover-up attempts by Secret Service agents regarding crimes committed by members of Biden’s family.

Rep Steube’s accusations come at an interesting time as more information comes out about Hunter Biden’s taxes following a raid conducted last month on his home in Los Angeles County California where investigators seized electronic devices believed to contain sensitive information related to ongoing investigations into both Joe and Hunter Biden’s finances.

Although it remains unclear what exactly was found during this raid, it certainly adds fuel to the fire surrounding speculation about potential wrongdoings from within The White House.

It remains uncertain how much traction these accusations actually gain in Congress but either way they represent yet another attempt by Republicans trying desperately search for incriminating evidence against President Joe Biden before November’s election.

Steube expressed his hope that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy would initiate the impeachment process after the recess.

In addition to the impeachment resolution, Steube also discussed the “Hunter Act,” which he plans to introduce. This act, titled “Helping Understand Narcotic Traces at the Executive Residence,” aims to investigate drug-related use within the White House and the role of the Secret Service in covering up for the Biden crime family.


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