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Report: Special Counsel Jack Smith May Not Have Reviewed Key Documents Before Indicting Trump

The recent news that the office of special counsel Jack Smith requested documents from former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik’s attorney, Tim Parlatore, on August 2 has generated a significant amount of attention and speculation.

The documents were originally handed over to Smith’s office on July 23, CBS News reported, citing emails confirming their receipt.

Parlatore has stated that these documents “bear directly on the essential element of whether Rudy Giuliani, and therefore Donald Trump, knew that their claims of election fraud were false.”

This provides an important insight into the legal debate surrounding Trump’s indictment: Did he know his claims about the election were false or did he truly believe there was widespread fraud?

If Trump did genuinely believe there was fraud then would his assertions be protected by First Amendment rights?

These questions are fundamental when considering any legal proceedings against Trump. Many people have suggested this could be an attempt to undermine Trump’s presidential legacy but it is unclear what evidence exists which can provide more clarification on this matter.

Currently, all we have to go off are Parlatore’s comments regarding these documents being “absolutely exculpatory” for Donald Trump.

It is worth noting that Jack Smith’s investigation into potential criminal activity by former President Donald Trump is still ongoing so anything said at this point should be taken with a grain of salt until more information becomes available.

Furthermore, it remains to be seen how much impact these documents will actually have in terms of exonerating or convicting Donald Trump if it comes down to a trial scenario.

The Daily Beast first reported last month that Parlatore had turned over the cache of documents.

“I have shared all of these documents, appropriately 600MB, mostly pdfs, with the Special Counsel and look forward to sitting down with them in about two weeks to discuss,” Parlatore said in a statement on July 25.

That meeting has still not happened.

A representative for the special counsel declined to comment when asked by CBS News.

There will likely be many more twists and turns before we get any closer to determining whether or not these exculpatory documents can help protect Donald Trump from criminal charges related to his allegations about voter fraud during the 2024 general election.

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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