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Shocking Video Shows Car Flying Through The Air, Crashing Into Home

The video of a car careening through the air before crashing into a home in St. Louis, Missouri is shocking and tragic.

Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 pm recorded the incident on a neighbor’s security camera and according to witnesses, the car was racing down the street at an estimated 100 miles per hour.

It flew for two hundred feet before slamming into another house. The female driver was pronounced dead at the scene with no other reported injuries, but damage to the house was significant.

According to an article that appeared in the Blaze:

A startling video showed an out-of-control car sailing through the air before crashing into the side of a home near St. Louis, Missouri.

The video of the incident from 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday was obtained by WLS-TV from a neighbor’s security camera.

Witnesses to the crash said that the car was racing down the street at about 100 miles per hour before it hit an embankment and launched into the air. It flew for a couple hundred feet before clipping one house and slamming straight into another home.

The female driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene.

A family living in the home was not harmed despite the car causing significant damage to the house. They said that there had been a 2- to 3-year-old child sitting in one of the rooms that was uninjured, but came very close to the crash.

“Could’ve totally hit him, yes. Missed him by inches,” said Derek Wentzel, the owner of the home, to KSDK-TV.

The driver was later identified as 73-year-old Cheryl Doyon, who lived in unincorporated south St. Louis County.

A photograph of emergency responders at the scene showed a gaping hole in the building where the car hit near the intersection of Kingston Drive and Telegraph Road.

“They said we may not be able to enter our home at all. It may be a total loss,” Wentzel added.

Police said that the car appeared to be going “at an extremely high rate of speed” before the accident and neighbors said that vehicles often drive too fast on that stretch of road.

St. Louis County police Officer Adrian Washington said that it did not appear that the woman had been blatantly speeding, but she may have had a medical emergency while driving.

He added that investigators are still trying to find the cause of the accident.

Here’s the video of the car crash:

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