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Trump attorney Alina Habba thanks Georgia DA Fani Willis for Trump’s mugshot

The recent indictment of former President Donald Trump by Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis, which included his first mugshot, appears to have backfired on Democrats.

Despite speculation that the multiple indictments would keep Trump out of the running for 2024, it has had the opposite effect and achieved spectacular results.

Donald Trump’s legal team recently addressed the Georgia prosecutor with words of gratitude: “Thank you.” This response has been met with increasing approval from both his long-standing supporters and those more recently drawn to his cause, who recognize that the judicial system is being utilized in an unfair manner against him.

Polls have continued to show a strong level of support for the former president across both national and state levels.

“They didn’t need the mug shot,” Trump’s attorney and legal spokesperson Alina Habba said. “It was, I guess to her, probably a trophy, but thank you because now the trophy actually became ours.”

“Thank you, Fani,” she said during a Newsmax interview.

Within 24 hours of former President Donald Trump’s mugshot being released to the public, his campaign saw a surge in donations that resulted in record-breaking contributions totaling millions. This has provided him with further momentum as he pursues a potential candidacy for the White House in 2024.

The mugshot has also been utilized by those who are critical of how the left utilizes the justice system to target political opponents, serving as a source of inspiration and a rallying point.

‘Habba praised her client, lauding him as a “powerhouse” and noting that the more opposition he faces, the more resilient he has become; this is evidenced by his success in fundraising and polling.

“The American people aren’t stupid. The mug shot was probably one of the best things that ever happened to him probably at this point, so thank you, Fani,” Habba added.

Trump has long maintained that the indictments and cases he faces are politically-motivated witch hunts orchestrated by Democrats as a form of election interference. However, an increasing number of American voters appear to be aware of this strategy and have begun to recognize it for what it is.

Democratic leaders may persist in pursuing these legal actions against Trump, but chances are they may ultimately regret their decision come next year’s general election.

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