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California Jewelry Store Employees Stop Would-Be Thief After He Assaulted Them

Residents in El Monte, California have become increasingly frustrated with the recurrence of smash-and-grab robberies throughout the state due to lenient criminal justice policies.

According to KTLA, on a recent occasion a man of considerable size entered Meza’s Jewelry at 10909 Main Street and proceeded to discharge bear-repellant spray while wielding a hammer.

The suspect then broke several display cases and attempted to take valuable items before being apprehended by store employees and the owner.

The assault and attempted robbery occurred on Saturday at 2:12 p.m, as reported by ABC 7 News Los Angeles.

In the video, one of the employees and the store owner can be seen taking turns striking the perpetrator with a large wooden rod.

The suspect is subsequently disrobed during the altercation.

The suspect then proceeded to jaunt away while two employees pursued him down the street. Miraculously, the overweight individual managed to jump into a grey Dodge Charger and escape the vicinity, as reported by El Monte Police Department.

Me, my uncle and my dad were tugging him out. I was trying to defend my family because, as you could see, he was hitting my dad and my uncle.The proprietor’s son declared to ABC 7 News that he, his father, and uncle all acted in defense of the shop.

The proprietor of a nearby business expressed their support for the family and stated that they would act in a similar manner if someone attempted to rob their establishment.

According to El Monte police, the corpulent man was able to jump into a gray Dodge Charger and make his escape despite being pursued by employees down the street.

The son of the storeowner informed ABC 7 News that he, his father, and uncle all participated in defending the business.

For us, we’re small business and we’re family owned — the jewelry store that got hit, they’re family owned and the family works there also. So, we fight back.

The El Monte Police Department is conducting an investigation and seeking information regarding the suspect, described as a black man standing 6 feet, 1 inch tall and weighing between 270 and 300 pounds, believed to be between 35 and 45 years of age.

Anyone with relevant information is urged to contact the department.

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