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Chris Christie Announces He Will Be Shadowing Trump Around US

Recently, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made an appearance on FOX News where he discussed his intentions to pursue President Trump.

His announcement was met with some speculation from viewers who have closely followed Christie’s relationship with the 45th President.

Christie had previously lied about Trump for over a minute without any pushback from host Howie Kurtz, which lead many to believe that his motives were not entirely noble.

The former Governor then expressed he will start stalking President Trump if the 45th President does not attend a GOP debate where one-percenters like Christie and Turncoat Mike Pence can attack him on a national stage.

Says Chris Christie, “I will start following him around the country. Wherever he goes, I go.”

He even went as far as making a joke about President Trump not walking with protesters in January of 2021.

Christie’s actions have caused some concern among conservative voters who remember how vehemently Christie opposed President Trump during his own 2016 primary campaign and early into Trump’s presidency.

It seems clear that, despite claiming otherwise, money must be motivating this behavior — but only time will tell what leads Christie down this path, or how it will effect conservative voters in upcoming elections.


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