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Fetterman Speech Garbled As He Joins Auto Union Picket Line in Michigan

On Saturday, Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, a Democrat with brain damage, made the journey to Detroit in order to stand in solidarity with the United Auto Workers Union. This marked the first time that members of this 150,000-strong organization had gone on strike against “Big 3” manufacturers since negotiations for a new deal had broken down at midnight on Thursday.

The Big 3 consists of Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, the result of the merger between Fiat Chrysler and the PSA Group.

“Key demands from the union have included 40% hourly pay increases; a reduced, 32-hour, workweek; a shift back to traditional pensions; the elimination of compensation tiers; and a restoration of cost-of-living adjustments. Other items on the table include enhanced retiree benefits and better vacation and family leave benefits,” CNBC reported.

John Fetterman left his hometown of Pennsylvania on Saturday morning and drove to an auto plant near Detroit, in order to show his support for striking autoworkers. This came as a surprise to the public, considering that Fetterman had suffered a massive stroke last May and subsequently spent two months receiving treatment for clinical depression at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The automakers had pushed back against union demands, asserting that their proposals would bankrupt the companies.

“I know which side I’m on. As long as these brave workers continue to walk the picket line, my entire team and I will have their backs,” Fetterman wrote on X. “We will support them any way we can until they reach a fair deal.”

“Hold that line UAW! On my way to join you now,” Fetterman said on X as he raced down the highway.


Fetterman spoke gibberish as he tried to take a shot at CEOs.

“The CEOs, you know, at $74 million, you know, collectively earning, you know, how many yachts can they need, you know, the yacht – to waters [unintelligible] – ski behind it, you know! I mean it’s crazy! I don’t understand!” Fetterman said.


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