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MASSIVE Evidence Uncovered of Biden’s Involvement and Knowledge of Hunter’s Influence-Peddling and ‘Brand’-Selling

Following the opening of a formal impeachment inquiry this week by House Republicans into President Joe Biden, the White House and their allies in the Democratic Party and media were swift to reject the probe as lacking merit.

However, evidence supplied from the House Oversight Committee’s prolonged investigation appears to demonstrate that Hunter Biden was engaging in unlawful and unethical practices, selling access to his father – then-Vice President Biden – for countless foreign business partners in exchange for tens of millions of dollars channeled through a complicated web of LLCs and shell companies.

Furthermore, there is considerable evidence that Joe Biden himself was both aware of and benefited from his son’s controversial foreign business activities – something the current President has consistently misrepresented to the American people for years.

When House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry, the White House immediately responded with orders to Democratic and media allies to assert there was “no evidence” to support the congressional probe.

According to the Oversight Committee, there are nearly two dozen examples of alleged unethical behavior and potentially criminal wrongdoing by certain Biden family members, particularly Hunter Biden, that have been uncovered thus far.

There is clear evidence of Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling and leveraging of “The Brand” – which has been established as the Biden name and access to the politician himself, as well as other trappings associated with his proximity to government power – among foreign business associates.

These associates came from countries such as China, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Romania, Russia and Ukraine; there is ample proof that the Biden family received more than $20 million funneled through several accounts in exchange for either official policy changes or unofficial pressure applied or favors granted.

The Oversight Committee has collected a substantial amount of evidence indicating that President Biden had full knowledge of, and was actively involved in, the overseas commercial activities of his son Hunter.

This evidence includes emails, phone calls between Hunter and business partners during meetings, shared meals or coffee with associates, as well as multiple trips on Air Force Two to countries where his son was engaged in various transactions.

The Committee has observed numerous examples in the last few years of President Biden misrepresenting facts while he was a candidate in response to inquiries about his knowledge and participation concerning his son’s international business ventures.

As further evidence comes forward, the president’s false denials of legitimate and relevant questions regarding his personal links to his son’s questionable actions are increasingly revealed to be intentionally deceitful.

It is highly probable that the Biden White House, their Democratic and media allies, will persistently ignore or deny the accumulating evidence that ties the President to his son’s money-making activities of influence-peddling and selling his “Brand” with foreign associates.

Furthermore, it appears improbable that Biden could be convicted and removed from office by the Democrat-controlled Senate with an almost equal amount of members.

It is justified and necessary to launch an impeachment inquiry in order to present the American public with evidence of potential criminal and unethical behavior by Biden and his family over the years.

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