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RFK Jr. Gaining on Biden in New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary

Robert Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) is making progress in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, notwithstanding the adverse press and media misrepresentations against him.

The demotion of Iowa and New Hampshire from their customary early-voting status, a longstanding custom in the presidential primary process, has been met with discontentment among certain Democrats and has given RFK Jr. an advantage.

Some Democrats feel that the new calendar does not adequately represent the diversity of both the country and its Democratic Party, despite the promotion of South Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, and Michigan.

This new calendar could prove difficult for the party to create solidarity prior to 2024 election as well as for 2028 when it revises its primary schedule again.

A group of concerned Democrats, including former New Hampshire Governor John Lynch, have voiced their worries to President Joe Biden that the new primary calendar could potentially damage his reelection campaign.

Former Democratic New Hampshire Speaker Steve Shurtleff has gone even further and declared he may look for another candidate to support if the state loses its first-place standing.

Recent surveys indicate that RFK Jr. is steadily diminishing Biden’s lead in the polls. As the Democratic National Committee (DNC) turns its back on New Hampshire and Biden remains largely absent from the race, RFK Jr. has surged to 31 percent among likely primary voters in New Hampshire according to polling by John Zogby Strategies.

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“The corrupt DNC has used everything in its toolkit to destroy Kennedy, but the strategy is clearly failing,” said Tony Lyons, co-chair of AV2024 and National Coalition Against Censorship board member.

The latest Zogby poll results reveal a three-way fight between incumbent President Biden, challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Marianne Williamson. Biden leads the race with 46% of the vote, followed by Kennedy at 31%, while Williamson takes 7%, and the rest remain undecided.

Upon further examination of head-to-head matchups between Biden and RFK Jr., it appears that Biden’s lead is narrowing.

In their first matchup, 49% voted for the incumbent president, and 41% voted for his challenger; in their second matchup, 43% voted for Biden and 42% voted for RFK Jr., making it too close to call.

This comes shortly after a previous Zogby poll showed Kennedy gaining rapidly in South Carolina–the flagship state of the Biden campaign.

In a recent nationwide poll conducted by Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies and Harris Insights and Analytics from July 19 to 20, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. outperformed President Biden with a net approval rating of 21 points compared to the president’s -14 points.

Despite this strong showing, Kennedy faces an uphill battle against Biden in the modern primary election system, which has never seen an incumbent president defeated by a primary challenger since its introduction in 1972. However, due to Biden’s age and his current performance as president, he may be the first incumbent ever to lose in the primary race.

RFK Jr. has demonstrated a no-nonsense attitude in the toxic political environment. In one of his campaign speeches, he committed to ending foreign wars, bringing home troops, and using resources to revitalize America.

He also criticized the ties between government and corporate power while pledging to reduce corruption and restore civil liberties for all citizens.

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