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Tucker Carlson Releases Teaser Interview with Man Claiming Sexual Encounter with Barack Obama in 1999 (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson, former Fox News host and current host of his self-titled show on X (formerly Twitter), is set to air an interview with Larry Sinclair, the man who claims to have had a sexual encounter with former President Barack Obama in 1999.

The interview was discussed during Carlson’s recent conversation with Adam Carolla and will be broadcast on Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET. In 2008, Sinclair came forward saying that he had sex and smoked crack with then-state senator Barack Obama in 1999.

Despite providing a signed affidavit and taking a lie detector test as proof of his claims, the media largely ignored it due to threats from the Obama campaign that anyone reporting on this would be denied access to the candidate.

During his interview with Carolla, Carlson expressed skepticism over how this story was received by the public at large: “Nobody reported it…so that happens.” He went on to emphatically state his belief in Sinclair’s testimony: “I believe him”.

The details of Carlson’s upcoming interview remain unknown for now; however this is sure to be an interesting look into a story which has gone relatively untold for over 12 years.


On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson aired a teaser of his recorded interview with Larry Sinclair. In 2008, prior to the first presidential election of Barack Obama, Sinclair made public allegations that he had smoked crack cocaine and engaged in sexual activities with Obama.

Despite Sinclair’s criminal background and the fact that his claims have been widely disputed, Carlson has shown support for Sinclair’s narrative and maintained its veracity.

Tucker Carlson: You’re just a guy who’s in town for the night, and it sounds like you’re looking to party.

Larry Sinclair: Yeah. Pulled up in a bar outside, and there’s this guy that’s introduced to me as Barack Obama. I had given Barack $250 to pay for coke. I start putting a line on a CD tray to snort, and the next thing I know, he’s got a little pipe, and he’s smoking. So I just started rubbing my hand along his thigh to see where it was going, and it went in the direction I had intended it to go.

Tucker Carlson: Even though you had sex with him twice, you did cocaine with him, watched him smoke crack twice, you had no idea who he was?

Larry Sinclair: I had no idea who he was.

Tucker Carlson: Let me just ask the obvious question. What was Obama like?

Larry Sinclair: On crack?

Tucker Carlson: Is it your sense that’s who Obama is,  just transactional or that he’s bisexual or, like, what is this?

Larry Sinclair: It definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time, and I would almost be willing to bet you it wasn’t as long.

Tucker Carlson: The guy’s running for president. Incredible information comes out that he’s smoking crack and having sex with dudes. That seems like a story.

Larry Sinclair: Well, it would be a story if the media really cared about telling people the truth.


Recently, a redacted portion of a 1982 letter from Barack Obama to his then-girlfriend Alex McNear was obtained by The New York Post. According to the letter, which is now housed at Emory University and not permitted to be photographed or removed, Obama wrote that he “make[s] love to men daily, but in the imagination.”

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Garrow included these redacted paragraphs in his book “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama” and shared them during an extensive interview about the former President.

Additionally, Malik Obama, Barack’s brother, has suggested on social media that the former president is “definitely gay.”

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