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White House Asserts Executive Privilege Regarding 200 Records of Hunter and Joe Biden

The White House has asserted executive privilege regarding two hundred records related to Hunter and Joe Biden. All spelling, grammar, and punctuation have been carefully checked for accuracy.

The White House has invoked executive privilege concerning two hundred records associated with Hunter and Joe Biden. All spelling, grammar, and punctuation have been thoroughly verified for accuracy.

In response to the AFL’s records request, NARA declined to release the requested documents due to their containing confidential advice exchanged between then-Vice President Joe Biden and White House advisers. However, NARA did provide 861 records that were not deemed protected by executive privilege.

“Release would disclose confidential advice between the President and his advisors, or between such advisors,” NARA told AFL in response to its records request.

NARA also refuses to provide lawmakers with any information regarding Joe Biden’s email aliases “Robert Peters,” “Robin Ware,” and “JRB Ware.”

Hunter Biden’s early business endeavors included Rosemont Seneca Partners, an entity associated with Devon Archer, Eric Schwerin, CCP-like entities, and Che Feng who Hunter Biden referred to as the “Super Chairman.”

Through him, Hunter Biden set up BHR Partners in which his company Skaneateles LLC held a 10% stake.

The Bank of China–controlled by the Chinese government–co-owns BHR Partners and currently has billions of allocated capital globally.

Hunter Biden transferred his stake in BHR Partners to his attorney, Kevin Morris, as reported exclusively by Breitbart News in April.

AFL released emails on Wednesday suggesting that Hunter Biden was involved in the organizing of a White House state dinner for Chinese officials in 2011, shortly prior to his journey to China with the purpose of establishing connections to found BHR Partners.

Furthermore, these emails suggest that Hunter Biden and his associates maintained an open line of communication with Vice President Joe Biden’s office.

Rosemont Seneca employees obtained information about White House guest lists, seating arrangements and official events, such as the 2013 Turkey State Luncheon, the 2014 France State Dinner, and the 2012 United Kingdom State Dinner.

“These records provide even more evidence that no daylight existed between Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and the Office of the Vice President during the Obama Administration,” said Gene Hamilton, America First Legal Vice President and General Counsel.

“The evidence accumulating against the Biden family’s malfeasance is staggering.”

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