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Defense Attorneys Sound Alarm on ’Recycled Jurors’ on J6 Trials

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Defense attorneys representing defendants from the January 6 incident are perplexed to find that potential jurors are being recalled or “recycled.” On September 5, following Labor Day, these attorneys noticed that their prospective jury pool was composed of jurors who had been excused the week prior.

“I have never seen this in all my years of practicing law.” defense attorney Steven Metcalf fumed while exiting the federal courthouse after jury selection of Zachary Alam’s trial.”Are there any jurors left in DC? What is going on here?”

The Gateway Pundit acted as an observer throughout the duration of Alam’s eight-day trial. They spent hours in conversation with Metcalf regarding the curious method used for jury selection. On day two, numerous potential jurors stated that they had previously been present at the federal courthouse within the same week to be struck down for jury duty in cases related to J6.

Metcalf’s series of inquiries to confirm if jurors were being reused became a frequent topic of discussion in the courtroom.

Do recognize anyone in this room,” Metcalf asked a woman who was later seated on the jury.

“Yes, I saw some of the people here last week when I was called for jury selection in another case,” she replied.

Metcalf questioned the twentieth potential juror in attendance, who confirmed their presence for another J6 trial the week prior. Judge Dabney Friedrich attempted to compose herself throughout this exchange.

Friedrich, the Marshalls, and the prosecutors all found it difficult to keep a straight face.

Many Americans go through their lives never being summoned or answering a jury duty summons, but some in Washington DC are reporting for jury duty two weeks in a row.

This is due to the Detailed Randomization Procedure used by the Jury Selection Plan for the United States District Court For the District of Columbia.

The alleged random selection process makes it unlikely that someone will get summoned to serve twice, comparable to winning the lottery multiple times. 

Once an individual reports for service, their name is pulled from the jury pool for at least the next 12 months, even if the individual does not get placed on a jury.

According to § 11–1911. Length of service, of the Code of the District of Columbia:

In any twenty-four month period, an individual shall not be required to serve more than once as a grand or petit juror except as may be necessary by reason of the insufficiency of the master juror list or as ordered by the Court.

While jury duty is a civic requirement for all eligible citizens in the District Of Columbia, the state restricts how often you can be summoned for jury duty in order to ensure a fresh jury pool and prevent undue hardship by being summoned too frequently.

Similarly, the Virginia State Bar states that you can be called for jury duty no more than once every three years.

If a prospective juror is not selected to sit on the panel or struck down, they are deemed to have fulfilled service and are not required until summoned again.

Once an individual actually serves, the Jury Act also exempts them from federal jury service for the next two or three years, depending on the jurisdiction.

“Is jury selection as entirely random as the government claims or something else is at work here?” The Gateway Pundit asked Metcalf after observing the preposterous hilarity in the courtroom.

“Really, what’s going on is jurors were here last week,” the high-profile New York native explained in an exclusive interview with TGP. “Seven jury trials started yesterday, I went to other cases and there were attorneys complaining about the same thing.”

Bewildered, Metcalf broke out into a tune, singing the famous Marvin Gaye song, “What’s going on?”

“I went through 85 potential jurors,” he explained, “More than 20 people said they were here in this courthouse last week for jury selection. I identified 20, at least! Other attorneys identified more as well.

“Who shows up to jury selection on a Monday and gets denied on a Tuesday or Wednesday and then will actually show back up to the same courthouse, again, the following Tuesday?

“Please tell me… what’s going on? Do you not see a problem there? You get excused for jury duty, you’re supposed to be excused for a substantial period of time, not excused for five days during the holiday weekend. Investigate what is going on and find an expert.

“How long has this been going on? This is a huge problem. I’ve never seen this before.”

Metcalf surmised that the District of Columbia is obviously running out of jurors, calling attention to yet another smoking gun showcasing why every J6 trial should be relocated to a different jurisdiction. The jury pool in the District of Columbia has already been tainted with a 96 percent voting rate for Joe Biden, government employees, and Antifa ideologues.

“They don’t have anyone else to call!” Metcalf admonished. “The Clerk’s office is not even going back a couple of years or months to find jurors —  they have been going back to last week!

“Then, they even get wiser after each jury selection process,” he continued. “Potential jurors admitted on the stand that they started Googling the Jan. 6 cases that are listed on a calendar displayed in the hallway of the federal courthouse while waiting to be selected as a juror.  They sit in a room with their devices for hours while they wait to be called in.”

As Metcalf sounded the alarm on the smoking gun during jury selection in Alam’s case, various other jury selections were also occurring concurrently in the courthouse. Attorney Roger Roots revealed the same peculiar phenomenon of jury recycling that had happened during his client J6 defendant Ryan Zink’s trial. It is an odd pattern, warns Roots.

“In fact, In the Zink trial, there were at least four or five in that jury pool who had been on juries for the January 6 cases,” Roots told TGP in an exclusive interview. “And, this is not the first time.

“They get struck down and get called back within days later. They get summoned to the courthouse and they’ve already been on juries — and for the same issues. So yeah, it’s a big problem.

The absurdity of the juror recycling “really supports the idea that there needs to be a change of venue for all these cases because the whole city is running out of potential jurors. Honestly, all these cases need to be tried elsewhere where there are bigger jury pools.”

Metcalf is known for representing other January 6 defendants, such as Edward Jacob Lang, Dominic Pezzola, Daniel Christmann, and Trennis Evans.

Roger Roots also defended Pezzola, who was the only Proud Boys member acquitted of seditious conspiracy charges.

The real question is this: how long does US Attorney’s Office Matthew Graves think they can get away with this incomprehensible aberration of defendants’ Constitutional Rights? The American people are now demanding answers, and they deserve them.

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