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Founder of J6 Legal Advocacy Group Files Shocking Declaration in D.C Court

Investigative journalist and legal advocate Matthew Evans has come forward with a disturbing account of the coercive tactics employed by the United States government against him in an effort to silence his ongoing advocacy for individuals affected by the events of January 6th in Washington D.C. , and coerce him into working as an asset for the agency.

The Department of Justice has denied any wrongdoing in what is being referred to as the “Fedsurrection” on January 6th, yet these new claims are giving reason for pause and further investigation.

In his 25-page filing, Mr. Evans detailed how he had previously attempted to inform District Judge Dabney Friedrich that he had worked with U.S. Marshalls in designing a sting operation that led to the apprehension of a human trafficker who had escaped from prison.

While this act was certainly admirable, it appears that the government made sure this information remained hidden from public view in order to suppress any positive press regarding Mr. Evans’ case or involvement with law enforcement in general.

It was also revealed that Dale Javino – who is described by Evans as “a real and present danger” – may have been working at the behest of the government when he allegedly encouraged Mr. Evans to engage in driving munitions across country and take other actions at a Capitol building in Michigan prior to January 6th.

This would suggest that Javino may have been utilized as an operative or confidential source by the DOJ for their own agenda; an agenda which may have included entrapping Mr. Evans into taking part in criminal activity related to January 6th events instead of recognizing his heroic efforts against human trafficking beforehand.

An iconic picture coupled with crushing headlines from countless media sources painted Javino and Trump together as much more than a random picture.  According to legacy media, Javino impersonated an NYPD officer managing to slip past Secret Service and NYPD security measures into the secured area for the politically damning photo op.

Trump with convicted felon Dale Javino who set up Trump at 2016 rally. Evans claims that he was enticed into violating standard conditions of his probation by encouraging and coercing him to work “off the books” for the FBI, providing information about January 6th in exchange for “monetary rewards,” agents who were in his “corner,” and promises of “safety from further prosecution.”According to Mr. Evans, FBI agents asked how his probation was going and told him that “working for the government would be to his advantage.”Moreover, they allegedly used a carrot-and-stick method of coercive tactics – escalating into veiled threats – culminating what can only be perceived as flat-out intimidation: they told him to “read between the lines.”


“Quite frankly I along with the average citizen are fed up with being held to account while those responsible for the enforcement are given free pass after free pass for matters that have even greater effects on our nation,” Evans states in the final passages from the filing, “I contend the very Department of Justice has again broken trust, faith, rules and laws. Removing me from the custody of a corrupted system is the path to justice unless the Department of Justice is to be held accountable as an organization for the miscarriages of justice I have experienced. My safety, piece of mind, well being and respect for the system are all at stake.”



“Overall, I request this court to consider, I have always represented myself with respect, honesty, and candor to the court,” Evans continues, “I cannot state this more straightforward than to inform this Court: I now fear even more that the federal government will retaliate against me for me not that providing them with information that ‘they want to hear’.”



While the enemies of freedom continue to press their current advantage, Mr. Evans asks that America SUPPORT his team’s ongoing fight to EXPOSE the rampant corruption of a weaponized Department of Justice and corrupted government. He vows to remain above the trenches on the legal and political battlefield fighting injustice for this and future generations.
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